Changes to the Rangatira Express

Following a trial created for the 2019 season, RAL have amended the rules regarding uphill travel on the lift. Previously there was no casual foot traffic on the Rangatira outside of the designated hours of 4-4:30pm and 8-8:30pm during night skiing. The new rules from RAL are:

  • If the lift has maintenance/lift/patrol clearance they will be happy to load club members from 8.45am to 9am. Within reason, they will load bags and foot passengers.
  • All chairs carrying foot passengers will need to be stopped so this will need to be managed.
  • They will repeat the process again with gear and foot passengers from 3.45pm to closing at 4pm.
  • During the rest of the normal operating time during the day access will require ski/board passengers only with one bag that needs to be managed & carried by the individual.
  • All guests regardless of times will require passes.
  • Over & above normal club members, should any of the custodians require some stores to be moved (once again within reason) then they will be happy to try and accommodate this. Ideally to bracket this in that 8.45am to 9am slot. 

Isaac and Autumn know who to contact about this. As with anything else on the mountain this is obviously dictated by the weather so don’t expect a lift up if its a blizzard and the chair is already shut down for the night. Please also respect the staff and their decisions, this expectation was set out in the original trial and we don’t want anyone to jeopardize the system for all the other clubs on the field.

Season 2020

Ski Racers officially opens on the 31st of July 2020 and closes on the first weekend in October. As of now we are yet to secure a custodian but watch this space for more updates coming soon. For now, head over to the bookings page to reserve your weekends for 2020. Check out our Facebook page linked below to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Carparking 2020

With the introduction of the new parking system and restrictions for 2020, it’s important that you are aware of the rules and how it works. Linked below is a RMCA document outlining the details of the parking system and agreement. Also linked is the carparking map for clubbies. Any number in RED is an allocated club carpark location. If you park anywhere else overnight you will be towed!

Check out our Facebook Page – Ski Racers – Ski Club

There’s a growing number of Club photos plus news and updates from members. Go ahead and like us too! Click the link above.

Firewood Fundraiser

There are plenty of bags for sale this season. Find out more about what your support does by going to the ‘Firewood Fundraiser’ page or get your wood now by Calling or Email Mike on

021 254 3101

If you’ve got recent photos you’d like included on the website, please email the Club on

Cover for Ski Racers - Ski Club
Ski Racers - Ski Club

Ski Racers - Ski Club

Ski Racers Club is situated on whakapapa ski field. It is a friendly, family oriented club with professional facilities.

Here’s what you need to know if you are coming to the mountain between 7am-6pm at Level 2 and what changes at Level 1. Otherwise, no bookings needed if you are coming up after 6pm for now.With the next announcement on the length of Covid-19 Alert Level 2 due on Monday 14th (for a possible change on Wednesday 16th) we are hoping that this will be the last week of 7-day bookable parking that we will need to release under these restrictions. We will then revert to weekends only until 27th September.

As our data has given further insight into visitor trends and the recent positive change of now being able to load full chairlifts with face coverings worn, we have been able to accommodate more capacity overall. This has allowed us to be more flexible with the process around parking. With that in mind:

• The bookable window will reduce to 7am-1pm at Whakapapa and 7am-11am at Tūroa from Thursday 10th September, 7 days a week until we return to Level 1

• We will be running a digital release system during the above times - as guests leave the ski area, these numbers will be released in blocks back into the availability online for you to book. You will still be required to hold an online booking before being allowed access to the ski area, but this will increase on the day availability during the peak times

• After the control point stands down, we will continue with manual road closures if we reach our reduced Level 2 capacity

• On the parking booking site, we have reordered the booking screen to ensure your details are captured prior to viewing availability, so that your selection can be secured quicker. Over time we are working on your feedback of adding a timed reserved cart

Now that we are able to account for those leaving the ski areas early, we are able to stand down the control points earlier, making time on the snow more accessible for afternoon visitors.
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𝗥𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗿𝗮 𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗨𝗽𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲:
Good news! You may remember last year (that seems such a long time ago now) that RAL decided there would be no more casual foot traffic on the Rangatira outside of the designated hours of 4-4:30pm and 8-8:30pm (night skiing).

RAL now are allowing uploading of clubbies and their gear between
𝟴:𝟰𝟱-𝟵:𝟬𝟬𝗮𝗺 (subject to maintenance/ski patrol clearance)
𝟯:𝟰𝟱-𝟰:𝟬𝟬𝗽𝗺 (again subject to clearance)
Other than these times you must have a ski/board and ONE manageable pack or carry bag. Above all that, you must have a valid day, season, life pass etc.

Look out for an email update coming soon!
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Looking absolutely amazing at Whakapapa after the latest dumping of 62cm of snow across the last 7 days! 🌨 First photo is from our Custodian Isaac today, looking across the Waterfall from the Yankee Face.

We're sure many of you can't wait to get down there, especially Aucklanders! Please bear in mind that if you are coming up during the day you MUST BOOK A CARPARK (See our previous posts about this).

There is HEAPS of space. Get your bookings in to enjoy this snow while it's fresh.
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RMCA Update

Find the document here –  RMCA Forum 2019

Recently, the RMCA (Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association) forum was held in Whakapapa Village. Some important points to note that came out of the meeting are

  • Knoll Ridge Cafe –
    • Changed to three eating zones
    • Introducing street cart style eating
    • Increased capacity to 580 occupants
    • New Executive Chef
    • West Ridge cafe reopened, only on better days
  • Terrain Works
    • Wider area behind Lorenz’s
    • Realignment of Rock Garden
    • Centennial Gully Re-Contoured
  • Changes to parking coming – running a trial up until 2021
    • Carparks controlled after 6pm
    • Designated overnight club parking
    • Park n Ride re-established
    • Issue of no vehicle access to public shelter raised
  • No downhill traffic on the Rangatira Express
    • Skis/Boards to be worn, no foot traffic

New Parking Rules at Whakapapa

If you haven’t heard already, the parking and access at the top of the Bruce Road has changed. There’s a new Premium Parking area (in red on the map) and you need a special pass to access. This would be where you normally dropped off at the Shelter. Now you can’t access this easily – be warned! Also, expect to park further down the road than what you have in the past.

The Committee wrote to RAL expressing concerns about safety related to these changes and as a result, overnight parking opposite the Premium Parking was introduced. We will continue to give feedback, so please let us know of any positive or negative experiences related to these changes at

Whakapapa Carpark Map 2020