Booking Form – Large Groups

This form is for use by groups or schools with 10 or more people. if you are 10 or less people, please use the regular booking form

Please also State their member type code next to their last name e.g. John Smith (NMS)
Member Types:
Member Senior (S)
Member Junior 11yrs-17yrs (J17)
Member Junior under 11yrs (J11)
Non-Member Senior (NMS)
Non-Member Junior 11yrs-17yrs (NMJ17)
Non-Member Junior under 11yrs (NMJ11)

CLUB RULES updated July 2019

1. All bookings must be made using the official Booking Form, sent to the Booking Officer by email. Payment must be made by Internet banking with the booking. Allow sufficient time for your booking to be processed.
2. All bookings will be confirmed by email or text within 24-48 hours.The Custodian is NOT authorised & won’t accept bookings.
3. You are NOT booked in if your booking is not confirmed. Default on payment will mean no further bookings for the season.
4. A weekend booking is for both Friday & Saturday nights. A midweek booking is Sunday to Thursday nights or part thereof.
5. To conform to fire regulations, all persons staying at the club will be assigned to a bunkroom. Check the room allocation list on the notice board on arrival. Any room allocation changes must be done in consultation with Custodian or Booking Officer.
6. Non-member bookings for weekends will normally be confirmed two weeks prior to the weekend booked. Non-member midweek bookings will be confirmed on application (no waiting period but subject to availability).
7. No person may stay more than 14 consecutive nights or 3 consecutive weekends without the consent of the committee.
8. Hut fees are fully refundable if cancellation is made 5 or more days out from the start of the booking. Cancellation MUST be made using the original booking form with cancellation details. No refund is given if cancellation is made 4 or less days from the start of the booking, unless there are special circumstances. Email request & reason for consideration by the committee.
9. Juniors 17 or under are not permitted to stay at the club on their own. A senior person (parent or guardian) must be responsible for them. Children under 5 years are not permitted to stay on weekends, except in the school holidays. Children under 3 years are not permitted to stay at all, without consent from the committee.
10. No booking will be accepted if the member subs have not been paid or if payment for any accommodation is outstanding.
11. For booking purposes, inactive members are classified as non-members.
12. Please enter your arrival time on the booking form. This is important for catering. If your plans change on the day of arrival, please notify the custodian at the club on 07 892 3838.
13. No refund is given if you choose to leave early.

1. CUSTODIANS - The Custodians have ultimate authority in the lodge at all times. Each evening the Custodians will put up a Duty Roster for the following day and it is the responsibility of all persons at the club to read the list and ensure that all duties are carried out to the satisfaction of the Custodians.
2. BEDDING & TOWELS - Each person is required to provide his or her own sleeping bag, pillowslip and towel.
3. SMOKING - Smoking is forbidden anywhere in the club. This includes vaping devices and e-cigarettes.
4. DRUGS - Illegal drug taking on the premises or immediate environment is absolutely forbidden.
5. MEALS - Breakfast is served between 7.00 am and 8.00 am or later if weather is bad. If you elect to sleep in your next meal is at lunchtime. Those rostered on breakfast dishes need to get their duties completed without disturbance from those late for breakfast. On day of departure, dinner is not provided.
6. DISHES - If you use dishes, glasses, mugs, etc outside of breakfast and dinner times please wash and dry your own dishes.
7. UPSTAIRS – The consumption of food and drink is not permitted upstairs.
8. TIDINESS - The living area of the Club must be kept tidy. Dishes, glasses, mugs, etc must be stacked before going to bed. Cans and bottles are to be put away. Clothing is not to be left downstairs. Bunkrooms are to be kept tidy.
9. BEHAVIOUR - Unruly or offensive behaviour to the majority present at the club will not be tolerated.
10. ALCOHOL - Junior members may not consume alcohol, except in the company of their parents.
11. DRYING ROOM - All clothes are to be removed from the Drying Room as soon as they are dry. Boots are not to be left on the floor. Ensure that no money or jewelry is left in the Drying Room.
12. BOOTS - Under no circumstances is wet or dirty footwear or ski boots to be worn in the Club past the door by the telephone.
13. SKI ROOM - All skis and poles are to be kept in the ski room and for security reasons you are advised that these should be locked in place.
14. INSURANCE - Members and Guests are advised to have comprehensive insurance policy covering all their gear in the lodge as the Club cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss.
15. NOISE - Other than on notified party weekends, the noise level must be lowered consideration of those asleep from 10 pm and the stereo will be time clocked off at 11pm. The volume and music played must be acceptable to the majority present.
16. FRONT DOOR - The front door keypad is for security. The door is to be kept closed at all times.
17. TAMPERING - Members and guests are not to tamper with club equipment. First floor fire exits are for emergency use only.
18. ROOF - The roof is not to be walked on. The roof itself, skylights and trace heating cables are easily damaged.
19. LOCKERS - Lockers are available to members at $30.00 per annum. Contact the Booking Officer for availability.
20. WIFI - We are on a rural broadband connection, which is a lower quality and performance to what is available in the city and likely, your homes. No streaming video, downloading or updating of apps or software. Preferably use your own mobile data.

1. Fire regulations are displayed adjacent to the notice board and it’s the responsibility of members and guests to be fully conversant with the contents of these regulations.
2. Members and guests should note locations of the fire exits and fire extinguishers.
3. In case of a fire at night, every occupant of the club should ensure adequate outdoor clothing and footwear is kept by their bunk at night - i.e. boots, jackets, hat and gloves.
4. Occupants of the Club must be careful to ensure that no combustible material is left near the WOOD FIRE, KITCHEN APPLIANCES, DOWNSTAIRS OR BUNKROOM HEATERS.
5. A Warden will be appointed by the Custodian each day to ensure that the Club is safe and secure before going to bed. Appliances are not to be turned on after these checks have taken place.

PENALTIES FOR NON-COMPLIANCE WITH THE RULES These rules generally ensure considerate behaviour for the benefit of all. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the withdrawal of the individual’s booking rights for the remainder of the season and in extreme circumstances expulsion from the club.


Internet Banking Bank a/c no: 02 0144 0249948 00 (Enter “Bookings”, “Your name”, “Arrival date”)


Send booking by online form. Txt enquiries to 0212543101 or email Mike at

Bookings will
ONLY be confirmed once payment is received.

Your booking will be
confirmed by email or text and a door access code given, within 24-48 hours.


Email cancellation/refund details using THIS FORM ONLY. No form no refund. Full refund is given if cancellation is made 5 or more days out from booking, eg Sun prior to Fri booking.

Full refund is given if cancellation is made 5 or more days out from booking, eg Sun prior to Fri booking. No refund is given if cancellation is made 4 or less days from booking, unless there are special circumstances. Please email request and reason for consideration by the committee.

A copy of this form will be emailed to you when submitted. The form needs to be sent to the booking officer along with details listed below for a refund to take place

  • Booking Dates
  • Amount
  • Bank Account Number

NO refund is given if you choose to leave early.