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Ski Racers has a low membership compared to some other skiing/tramping clubs that have several hundred or even a thousand members.

Membership means different things to different people, but to everyone it centres around a special place to be involved with, a sense of belonging and ownership, an opportunity to meet other lovely people, enjoy good accommodation rates and preferential bookings, plus it allows your children to enjoy what you have enjoyed.

Ski Racers welcomes new members and would like to thank all the existing and past members who have contributed and supported the Club over the years. If you have any membership enquiries, email the membership officer at

In 2023 we have introduced a few new Member types in recognition of our changing Member profile. In addition to Senior and Couple rates and the Junior 11-17 and Junior 10 and under rates, we now have:

  • A Gold and Gold Couple rate for people aged 65+
  • A Student and Young Adult rate for people aged 18-24

One big change too is a better structure for families, to suit the different types of family groups we have as Members. So now you’ll pay either a Senior or Couple rate and then add on a small amount for each Junior Member aged 17 and under.

As a requirement of membership, it is necessary to complete two work parties. There is a nominal entrance fee of $126 for adults only. There are different membership categories for singles, couples, 65+, young adults and also inactive categories. Subscription rates for 2023 are as follows

Senior  –  $242

Couple  –  $400

Gold (65+)  –  $206

Gold Couple (65+)  –  $340

Student/Young Adult (18-24)  –  $206

Add a Junior Member (each)  –  $34

Inactive Senior  –  $85

Inactive Couple  –  $140

Inactive Gold (65+)  –  $73

Inactive Gold Couple (65+)  –  $119

Inactive Student/Young Adult (18-24)  –  $73

Inactive Junior Member (each)  –  $12

There are also Lockers available, subject to availability these are $32 per year.

These categories are defined as being

  • Senior – any individual, 25 years and over
  • Couple – two adults, 18 years and over
  • Student/Young Adult – any individual who is aged 18-24
  • Junior Member – any individual under the age of 18

This is a Word doc, complete, “save as” with your name, ie: MEMBERSHIP FORM – Jones Family and email to . Any questions? Email


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